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Top Rated Actions
Processed foods carry an increased carbon burden. Choosing fresh, unprocessed foods saves added energy emissions.
If you want to choose the best diet for the planet go vegan.
Composting food waste saves the potent methane emissions from food rotting in landfill. It also stores carbon which is then transferred to the soil.
The energy used to produce food packaging added to the methane from biodegradable packaging rotting in landfill cause CO2e emissions.
Cutting down on water use in the home saves water and the energy used to process and deliver it.
Sharing is in vogue. Whether it's a room in your house, a seat in your car, the tools in your shed, your bike, your kayak. Sharing is the way to go.
Compensate for unavoidable flights with offsetting.
The easiest way for people to help limit climate change is with everyday food choices. Climatarians eat with the climate in mind choosing lower carbon options.
Gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide trap heat in the atmosphere creating a warmer environment, changing the climate and causing more storms, droughts and floods.
Cavity wall insulation is the cheapest and most effective way of reducing home energy use.