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                       Cavity wall brickwork.  

Cavity wall insulation is the cheapest and most effective way of reducing home energy consumption.

About a third of home heat loss is via the walls. Cavity wall insulation reduces this by inserting a layer of insulation foam between the layers of bricks or blocks. It is quick, simple, cheap and in some cases free. Check out local grants.

Pre 1920s houses are generally solid walled and so not suitable for this form of insulation. Check out solid wall insulation in the case of older houses. I

f your brickwork looks like the top picture, where you can only see the long sides of the bricks, you probably have cavity walls, if it looks like the bottom picture where you can see both the short ends and the long sides of the bricks then your walls are solid and this form of insulation is not an option for you. 


                       Solid wall brickwork. 


Photos courtesy of John and Nick Cowie.

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