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We live in a layer of air on the surface of the earth. Gases like carbon dioxide, CO2, keep us warm by trapping the heat of the sun in the air. More CO2 leads to higher average temperatures destabilising the climate.

When gases are released either naturally or from processing or burning thngs, we call them emissions. Using energy causes CO2 emissions when fossil fuels are burnt to generate it.

This is already happening and affecting the poorest people in the world. There are more storms, droughts and floods. Unfortunately, what are still relatively minor changes could soon breed bigger ones. In a warmer climate, the forests we need to cool our climate suffer and so are less effective. The air warms the oceans, and once they start to warm, greenhouse gases stored in the ocean floor are released. As permafrost thaws, methane is released and so the process of global warming is difficult to stop.

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