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Compensate for unavoidable flights with offsetting. 

Avoid commercial offsetting organisations which may have questionable benefit. And be aware that airlines tend to underestimate the emissions caused. You might try to cut your carbon in another area of your life to offset the emissions from your flights.

In Europe, where there is an Emissions Trading Scheme to limit emissions it is possible to buy and destroy a tonne of carbon, taking it out of the budget and lowering carbon emissions. You can buy and destroy carbon permits at

If you have to fly, choose direct flights rather than a journey of several shorter flights as more energy is used on take-off and landing than in flight.

While a newer fleet may be more fuel efficient, older fleets benefit from spreading the climate impact of the carbon embedded in the construction of the fleet over a longer time period. 

Assume a carbon impact of 100kg C02e per hour's flight.

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