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Food is responsible for between 20-30% of global greenhouse gas emissions, That's about the same as all the emissions from energy and heat (25%) and far more than transport (14%). So how we eat over the festive season can make a big difference. 1.     
Biba Hartigan 22.12.2016 0 324

In UK and the US we'll each be spending over £500 or $700 on presents over the holiday season. However we could cut back on our spending, as research suggests people prefer a well thought out present (69%) to an expensive one (10%). So here are Climates 5
Biba Hartigan 14.12.2016 0 353

With families scattered across the country, the continent or even the world, all our journeys home for the festivities add up to a considerable impact on the environment. So if you're looking for a more sustainable way to travel, here are five ways you can
Biba Hartigan 21.11.2016 0 221

I’m not a habitual plastic bag user. I normally bring my own bag or basket to the shops. This morning, however, I ran out of the house to buy some milk and then, as happens, I decided to get two large bottles, a packet of cereal and some croissants. Unsur
Climates admin 24.06.2016 0 156

She is the most powerful diplomat on the climate scene. She can claim major credit for forging the historic Paris Agreement to limit global warming below 2C.Yet Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate
Liz Sutton 28.04.2016 1 1195

It’s Real Nappy Week and around the world people are talking about why they choose washable nappies for their babies. Natural, soft and funky fabrics, cute colours and styles… Mums love them and you should hear how passionate they can get about them. Alph
Biba Hartigan 19.04.2016 0 382

The launch of the new Tesla Model 3 would not have happened were it not for the brave and passionate purchasers of the earlier, far more expensive, Tesla cars. The Tesla Model 3, a superior performance electric car for a relatively affordable price, marks
Biba Hartigan 08.04.2016 0 297

Climates suggests avoiding water waste as one of the Actions people can take to help prevent climate change.  Here in Tobago it is also something we have to do to adapt to the impacts of climate change. Tobago is a Caribbean island not far north of the eq
Climates admin 14.03.2016 1 402

I was driving to France for the mid-term break with my normal car load of ski gear, humans, dogs and even a rabbit. We normally plough straight on, only stopping for fuel or a quick coffee, preferring to get the ten hour journey over as soon as possible. B
Biba Hartigan 18.02.2016 0 360

Flying is a much debated topic in our household. My partner’s homeland is across an ocean, we have friends and family across the globe and a bucket list of must-see destinations. We'd like to say we'll never fly again as flying greatly increases our carbo
Climates admin 14.01.2016 2 424
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Ask where your food comes from, says UN climate chief