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5 Tips for climate friendly Christmas meals

Food is responsible for between 20-30% of global greenhouse gas emissions, That's about the same as all the emissions from energy and heat (25%) and far more than transport (14%). So how we eat over the festive season can make a big difference.

1.      We're in luck, the traditional western Christmas celebration meals of turkey, goose and fish are all relatively low carbon, climatarian options. Avoid beef and other ruminant meat - lamb, goat or farmed venison. Beef has five times the climate impact of other meats and way more than plant based foods, so just by avoiding beef over the festive season you'll be making a real difference.

2.      For fully sustainable festive fare choose the highest welfare, free-range, pasture reared, organic meat you can, as permanent unfertilised pasture acts as a carbon sink, offsetting emissions.

3.      Eat only a moderate amount of sustainably sourced fish, look for the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) label. Many fish are endangered and predator fish such as bass, salmon, cod are needed to limit CO2 emissions from the masses of smaller fish they prey on.

4.      Shop carefully using a list to avoid waste and choose local, seasonal, fresh fruit and veg.

5.      We love our Christmas leftovers and eating them up over the next few days makes the festive meal even more climate friendly - saving food waste.



Happy eating! 


Photos courtesy of chriscrowder4, Chris Luczkow , Andrew E. RussellDesiSteve’s world of photos

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