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I'm trying to improve the energy efficiency of my Edwardian house so any help with that would be greatly appreciated. I'm lumbered with a diesel car and am finding it hard to work out what is the best thing to do now that the emissions have been found to be far worse than petrol after all. So any thoughts on that would also be great.

I'm happy to help with general mitigation issues, shopping, waste, second life, repair and reuse, real nappies, alternatives to disposables in general, the Climatarian diet, getting a meat loving family to cut down and eat more veg, home solar energy installation.
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Biba Hartigan
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Good idea to halve your meat consumption and even better if you avoid ruminant meat such as beef and lamb to cut your carbon even more. 

Meat vs Veg. Should We Halve Our Meat Consumption? | Hubbub Foundation
Delve into a meaty issue ‘cause this week we need to talk about bacon… Talking about meat, especially on the internet, normally means walking into a firing s...
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According to the Grantham Institute scientists research, just out, if we eat organic bread, we save 40% of its climate impact. Yet another case of good for you, good for the planet.
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