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5 Tips for climate friendly Christmas shopping

In UK and the US we'll each be spending over £500 or $700 on presents over the holiday season. However we could cut back on our spending, as research suggests people prefer a well thought out present (69%) to an expensive one (10%). So here are Climates 5 tips for climate-friendly Christmas presents.


1.       Choose small, good quality, durable presents to save resources, energy and waste.




2.      Buy second hand – It’s fun rummaging through charity and antique shops, stalls and markets and you can pick up original, one-off, distinctive presents, great bargains and the occasional hidden gem.



3.      Make your own gifts – prettily packaged home produce makes great presents and friends really appreciate the personal touch. Try your hand at jam, biscuits, cakes, chocolates, handmade clothes, knitted hats and scarves.



4.      Give your nearest and dearest a great day or night out – how about cookery or salsa classes, walking tours or spa sessions, tickets to events, concerts or cinema? No waste, just lasting memories.



5.      Vouchers - the fail-safe gift, avoiding unwanted presents ending up in the bin. Great for people you don’t know so well or keeping up with the changing tastes of growing children.



Photos courtesy of Susie Morris, Donna Oluban, Reno Tahoe, longislandwins, Cladgeman under creative commons license. 

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