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5 Tips for climate-friendly travel this holiday season

With families scattered across the country, the continent or even the world, all our journeys home for the festivities add up to a considerable impact on the environment. So if you're looking for a more sustainable way to travel, here are five ways you can cut your carbon: 

1.     To minimise emissions from travelling home for the festivities, use public transport where possible. Bear in mind that the train is generally the most energy efficient.



2.      If you’re driving, share your car. Four in the car is as fuel efficient if not better than taking a coach. Make sure that your tyres are correctly pumped up to save fuel and money.


3.      Travel by land and sea rather than flying if at all possible, especially if you’re travelling in a group. 


4.      If you do have to fly take the most direct route possible, on the most up-to-date, fuel-efficient aircraft and travel economy class. The larger the space you occupy, the greater your share of flight emissions. 


5.     Take a break from the hectic holiday scramble. Skype, Hangout or simply phone friends and family and stay home this year. 


Photos by pencanon 2012, Ben Francis, Rene Schwietzke, Peter O'Connor, Thommy Browne under creative commons licence. 

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