Climates: a friendly network where people help each other tackle climate change. Meet new mates, get ideas for simple and effective things to do. Pledge to take action and watch your carbon savings grow.
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Climate Change Solutions
Started as a hobby to adopt climate change solutions in practical life ended up with an online portal for climate change solutions. is a start up providing mitigating solutions for Individual, Industry (SME) and Service sectors. Climate change includes Measure, Manage and Mitigation. All the customer need is to provide data for last 1 year and we will do the rest. A GHG report is readied with climate change solutions.
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  •  amitsinh: 

    Biba, I was trying to connect at the base of pyramid, who are responsible towards Environment but lacks guidance to reach their target. Our hobby turned enterprise is helping organisations to go completely sustainable within 3-5 years, which means footprint from energy, water and waste is zero. Dependency on third party authorities for supply of water, energy and waste disposal will be minimised leading to sustainable organisation.

    Our effort is to deliver local  people  their recognition on global platforms for their actions. This means small initiatives are recognised  by UNFCCC/CDM/POA  linked with SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals), INDC's  (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions)  of host country.

    E.g changing 5 LED lights from ICL bulbs saves 403 Kgs of CO2 annually, while changing 5 CFL will save 53 Kg of CO2.  This will attract Carbon credits under CDM methodology with SDG goal achievement and reducing host countries intended targets.

    Climates is perfect forum to connect with like minded action driven people. 


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  •  Biba Hartigan: 

    Sounds like a great initiative Amitsinh. I'll take a look. I'm sure given your involvement in the issue, that you'll have a great deal to contribute here on Climates.


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