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Vintage is all the rage, and good for the climate.

Buying vintage clothing, furniture and knick knacks is great for the climate, avoiding the manufacture of new stuff and the waste of the old. Saving energy, resources and waste. Great stuff!

Using vintage or second hand clothing for just 10% of your wardrobe saves 60kgs CO2e a year. 


Source: WRAP, A carbon footprint of UK clothing and opportunities for savings 2012

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  •  Biba Hartigan: 

    I love the trend for vintage clothing. It brings my second hand shop habit into fashion. I first got into second hand shopping in my teens motivated by penury and enjoyed the sort of individual style you could achieve if you avoided the high street.  One way of making advantage of adversity. I wore a favourite 1950s big buttoned overcoat for years as I remember and my great aunt's pinched waist 1940s jackets (new look?) served me for years. I wonder where they've got to. I don't remember them wearing out. Maybe time for a revival. 

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