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The forums seem quiet thus far so how about some introductions, pretty simple, just where you are from, what you do,  and what you think needs to be done to adapt to, and mitigate the worst of climate change.


About me, I'm in British Columbia, Canada though I'm originally from England. I recently finished up a Geography degree in Calgary so I'm in-between jobs but I'm an aspiring environmental professional - particularly interested in satellite image analysis and digital mapping, though environmental law has caught my interest most recently. 

As for climate change, I could certainly write a lot about it but i do think government regulation is needed and the private sector and individuals need to do their part to get involved whether it's spending differently, using less, voting, chaining yourself to earth-moving equipment... I do think government regulation is certainly a big one, neoliberalism and "leave it to the market" hasn't worked so well for the environment and that needs to be reversed in my opinion. 

I'm actually quite disappointed with the site. I think it's been pitched badly - partly aimed at those of us who are serious about addressing the problem (the kind most likely to sign up) while focusing its effort on the pale greens they want to eat less meat and offset their carbon emissions while retaining their consumerist lifestyles, which isn't going to cut it.

I feel like a lone Deep Green in all this.

My great ambition is a forest garden smallholding, where I can really cut down on my own impact, while writing about the shift in consciousness we urgently need. I'm just aware it's not something I can do alone. I agree with the OP that neoliberalism is a big part of the problem. That has to go, but "ethical consumerism", which is what it feels this site advocates, isn't going to work either.

Hi, Good idea Phillip, thank you for starting this off. 

I'm one of the founders of Climates, so as far as what I do, this is it! I'm a European with my time divided between the UK and France spending time in Ireland when I can. So personally my travel impact is one of my greatest concerns. I agree Phillip that there are roles for government, business, communities and individuals in addressing climate change. In a very broad brush approach, government needs to get the energy mix right and move rapidly towards renewables, creating the necessary legislative and policy framework to provide incentives and enable confident investment in green business, enabling business to do what they're good at and innovate us out of this situation.  We individuals have an important role to play in changing our consumer behaviour and lifestyles. 

I'm sorry you're disappointed with Climates Niall. Although you're right that much of our communication is aimed at people who are just starting out on their journey, we hope that the structure of the site which enables communication between people on any topic in any manner that they like will cater for people at all stages of their journey. If you don't feel we go far enough, bring the conversation on to where you want it to go. Here in the forum is a great place to start that conversation, and you can set the agenda.

This is just the beginning the site has only just opened, so things are relatively quiet, but do stick around and I'm sure you'll make connections with like-minded people very soon. 


Hi Niall, Please don't feel downhearted! As Biba says, these are early days for the network but when it grows I think there will be Mates in all shades of green here, including many who are deep green like you. We are trying to appeal to a broad spectrum, which is difficult, but if we're going to tackle climate change we need as many people as possible to reduce their impact. If people are attracted to join by the 'paler' actions we've started with, hopefully they'll then be inspired by stories from you and others to go further.  So please, stick with it and share your story and ideas.