Climates: a friendly network where people help each other tackle climate change. Meet new mates, get ideas for simple and effective things to do. Pledge to take action and watch your carbon savings grow.
Climates is the only not-for-profit social network with a joint focus on the causes and effects of climate change.


Our mission is to create a global climate change community, motivated, active and inspired by each other to tackle the causes and effects of climate change.


“Why are we waiting? The costs of inaction are much higher than the costs of action. Low carbon growth is not only possible but very attractive,” said Professor Lord Stern of Brentford, Chair of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, LSE and President of the British Academy.

The world’s top scientists have removed doubt and confirmed that human activity is responsible for climate change. But we’ve left it late, and we need to act fast to prevent a critical rise of global temperatures above 2oC.

See Get Started for more about the causes and effects of climate change and action you can take right now to help tackle it.


Climates is a global social network of people tackling climate change together. Based on peer to peer knowledge and skills exchange, plus news, blogs and specialist information, Climates puts people with the questions in contact with mates with the answers to build momentum on the most important issue of our times.


With our mates by our side, anything is possible, working together we can take on the world. As a Climate you can find mates who share your interests and help each other cut your carbon or protect your community by swapping tips and stories, pictures and videos, to inspire, support and motivate each other. You can search for ideas and track your progress to see what a difference you are making. Linking cause and effect, Climates shows us why preventative action is vital as we witness others dealing with life on the front line.

The Organisation

Climates Network CIC is a Community Interest Company, a social enterprise registered in the UK (company registration number 9680894). Climates is currently run by volunteers. The initial build of the network depends on donations and grant funding but Climates aims to become self-funding in the long term.

The Team

Biba Hartigan, Liz Sutton, Mike Ellingham, Bawo Eburajolo, Josie de Metz Lydon.

Climates Network CIC, 2 Prebend Gardens, London W4 1TW, UK.