Climates: a friendly network where people help each other tackle climate change. Meet new mates, get ideas for simple and effective things to do. Pledge to take action and watch your carbon savings grow.

Climates, a new social network, is calling on people to go Climatarian for their health and the planet. 

A simple switch to a climatarian diet can save a tonne of CO2 a year and you don't have to give up meat, says Climates. 

The new network that aims to make it easier to live a climate-friendly lifestyle says simply replacing beef and lamb with pork or chicken in everyday meals can make a big difference.

"Beef and lamb have about five times more climate impact than pork and poultry," says Climates Founder Biba Hartigan. "Food overall causes up to 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions so this simple change can have a big impact - and cutting down on red meat is good for your health too.”

Going climatarian is a really easy way to cut your carbon footprint, saving the equivalent of three return short-haul flights or driving 3.500 miles a year.

People can find out more and sign up to the Climatarian pledge at and receive a handy shopping guide.

Climates is for people who want to take action on climate change in their everyday lives. In a friendly peer to peer support network, Climates puts people with questions in touch with ‘mates’ with the answers, swapping stories, photos, hints and tips to help each other do more.

Climates is currently crowdfunding to get this friendly climate network off the ground. Join in and support Climates at


Photo by Gunnar Magnusson, Creative Commons licence. 

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