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Keep your car going longer to save on car manufacture emissions. 


Year on year new cars are getting more fuel efficient, but it’s usually better for the climate to keep your old car running until it is beyond repair than to trade up to a new more fuel efficient model.


A huge amount of energy is used to create a car.


Estimating the embedded CO2e of manufacturing a car is very complex as it involves everything from extracting the metals, rubber, etc. to running the factory, transporting materials, components, finished cars and even sales and marketing. It is suggested that the emissions caused by creating your car equal those caused by running it for its lifetime.


The longer you can make it last, the better. If you can make it last 200,000 miles instead of 100,000 then you can significantly reduce the relative climate impact of each mile your car travels.


If you drive a gas guzzler it may be worthwhile to change to a very fuel efficient vehicle to reduce emissions.

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