Climates: a friendly network where people help each other tackle climate change. Meet new mates, get ideas for simple and effective things to do. Pledge to take action and watch your carbon savings grow.

Quality of workmanship can make a big difference in how long something lasts.

Choose long life, durable and high quality products where possible to save the energy and resources used to manufacture multiple short-life things.

Avoid disposables whenever possible. 

It is difficult to quantify the carbon savings of some Actions. In this case we allocate a nominal 10kg CO2e per year. This is not reflective of the actual savings which may be significantly more, but to show that you are making a difference. If possible, we will provide representative calculations at a later date. 

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Carbon Savings
Total Carbon saved on this action 255 kg CO2e
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  •  Penney Poyzer-Schalom: 

    good quality items - most of our best stuff is second hand classics. The new stuff like white goods is the best and most eco we can afford.

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