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Feminism and Environmentalism

What do feminism and environmentalism have in common? What do they mean to you?

As a young woman who strives for both gender equality and a sustainable world, my feminism and environmentalism are inextricably linked.

going-green-environment-environmentalist-earth-23390707.jpg (1300×1390)Feminismradicalnotion-1.jpeg (288×288)

Both women and the environment are exploited and dominated in our world; seen as an item of consumption, a commodity. Women have contributed less to climate change and yet are also prevented from being in positions of power to change it. Women need to be put at the front line of tackling climate change, they need to feel empowered with the right knowledge and skills to take action against the biggest danger our world faces.

Both feminism and environmentalism are sometimes perceived as controversial, when really both of these movements work to empower and protect those and that which have been oppressed and exploited throughout history.

I want the sustainability movement against climate change (both the mitigation and adaptation aspects) to be led by people who strive for equality for all genders, races and background and who see social justice as something which incorporates not only the oppression of people, but also the oppression of the environment around us, by us. Admitting personal responsibility for our impacts on the earth and its people and animals is the first step.

The next step is to actively get involved - invite your friends to the Climates Network and help be a part of a thriving community which aims to inspire and motivate each other to make a difference.

Join the debate! Let me know what you think about feminism and environmentalism!