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Puneet Dixit wrote
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Puneet Dixit wrote
Use Efficient Lawn and Gardening Equipment:
Gas-powered engines in lawn and other such garden equipment emits significant amounts of pollution.
Use the following tips to reduce the impact of your landscaping:-
1. For a small lawn its wiser to use a manual (reel) mower.
2. If you need to buy mowers and garden equipment, look for ones which have electric and battery-powered machines, these are quieter and pollute less than gas-powered ones.
3. Maintain your lawn and... see more garden equipment such as tune mowers and change the oil as needed.
4. When purchasing commercial grade landscaping machinery, look for products that have advanced emissions reduction technologies such as catalysts and electronic fuel injection that can significantly reduce pollution.
5. Regular gardening can reduce the wear and tear that occurs on the most gardening machines, be wise with not overusing the machines for small tasks that can be done with hand tools.
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