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June 23rd: the green decision of a lifetime
On the 23rd of June - we've got to make the green decision of a lifetime. Please vote for the environment - vote Remain. Find out more:
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  •  Elizabeth Sharp: 

    If you've got  vote and aren't sure how to use it, put one in for all the UK ex-pats living in Europe who don't get a vote and want to remain. 

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  •  Biba Hartigan: 

    The EU has been a consistent contributor to Europe going greener. The landfill tax has influenced local authorities to bring in the doorstep recycling that we in the UK all now take for granted. And although up until the current administration, the UK had been doing very well on climate change targets, those targets were there primarily because of EU legislation. 

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20.06.2016 (2897 days ago)
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