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How to eat meat AND fight climate change | YouTopia diet - YouTube
Can we eat meat AND reduce global warming? Even though a vegan diet is the one with the less environmental impact, there are ways through which you can eat m...
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  •  Grainne Halligan: 

    It is pretty clear that a vegan diet is best for the climate. However, it's not really realistic to think that everyone is going to turn vegan overnight to fight climate change. The Climatarian diet removes the worst of our food impacts, from beef and lamb, so we're saving a tonne CO2e a year which considering how easy it is, compares very well with the 1.5 tonne saving of a vegan diet. It's not perfect for sure, but it's a lot better than continuing to consume ruminant meat. 

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  •  Niall Leighton: 

    I think there is a degree of misrepresentation here.

    Even the video makes clear that eating meat doesn't fight climate change - it just shows that some meat is worse than others. Even if you eat chicken you are still contributing more to climate change than you would if you ate the beans and grains that were fed to the chicken instead.

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  •  Josie de Metz Lydon: 








    Great video will definitely be showing this to my friends. 


    Yes agriculture produces large carbon emissions; another reason to cut down on your meat intake is its water production. The water footprint of beef is roughly 15,000 L/kg whereas for vegetables it’s roughly 300 L/kg.  So by reducing your meet intake, not only are you saving carbon and being healthier you are also preserving water!


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