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Fighting Climate Change With Amazing Photorealistic Paintings
Artist Zaria Forman visited Greenland and the Maldives to find out how to show the effects of climate change in her work. From video journalist Greg Donahue ...
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  •  Biba Hartigan: 

    Art certainly has a very important role to play in highlighting and iinterpreting difficult and unusual concepts and enabling a deeper understanding of our changing world. As you suggest Elizabeth, it cuts to the chase when we connect with the issue of climate change on a visual and emotional level. 


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  •  Elizabeth Helen: 

    Thanks for sharing this Bawo, aren't her pastels realistic? I think art is so important in helping people to understand and connect with what is happening to our climate. I think many people are turned off by gloomy news stories about impending disaster and their eyes glaze over when presented with too many facts and numbers but art can cut through that to reach people on an emotional level.

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