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Earth Day 2016 / Save Earth-Save ourselves
Created for Earth Day 2013 No matter what you think about global warming or climate change, we need to take care of our planet. It's the only one we've got We need to care for animals! We need to take care of Mother Nature! We need to take care of the environment! We need to take care of ourselves!!! And what are we doing??? Animals Facing Extinction: Lowland Gorilla Madagascar Fish Eagle Vancouver Island Marmot Black Rhino Iberian Lynx California Condor Red Wolf Amur Leopard Sumatran Rhinoceros Gray Whale Vaquita Sumatran Tiger Golden-Headed Langur Borneo Pygmy Elephant Giant Panda Polar Bear Nomascus Hainanus Psammobates Geometricus ... ... List of extinct plants: Too much to write here...
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