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Climates Network Press release 10.5.17


Save the date: First Climatarian Week 3rd to 9th July 2017


Pre-week launch event: Sustainable Sustenance - how can your diet change the world? Hosted by WEN (Women’s Environmental Network), 6.30 to 9.30pm, Thursday, 22 June, The Ecology Pavilion, Mile End Park, London E3 5TW

The first ever Climatarian Week will take place from 3rd to 9th July 2017. Organisers, Climates Network, are calling on people to try the climatarian diet for a week and on restaurants, shops and delivery services to promote climatarian menu options, special offers and recipes.

Climatarians eat with the climate in mind. In 2015, drawing on the best climate food science, Climates Network launched the climatarian diet as a simple and effective way for people to reduce their climate impact. Simply by switching from beef and lamb to pork and poultry for everyday meals people can save a tonne of CO2e[1] a year. That’s roughly equivalent to cutting the average UK car’s mileage by a half, but much easier to achieve. Buying seasonal, local, fresh and organic foods, reducing food waste and eating less meat overall can reduce your footprint further.

While a vegan diet is the most climate friendly, recent research[2] has shown that despite our environmental concerns, the majority of us are not prepared to go vegan or vegetarian.  The climatarian diet is a realistic solution to a real problem. It is designed to be easy and effective. If everyone in the UK went Climatarian it could cut UK greenhouse gas emissions by 10%.

People can join in at by pledging to go climatarian for a week or to host a climatarian meal. Companies can also register online to support the week. People are encouraged to post photos and videos of their Climatarian Week experiences on social media using the hashtag #climatarianweek.

Launch event

Tickets for the WEN Forum – Sustainable Sustenance, how can your diet change the world? are available at

[1] CO2e refers to carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases

[2] Livestock: On our plates or eating at our table? A new analysis of the feed/food debate. Global Food Security 2017

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