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Rail has one of the lowest levels of greenhouse gas emissions per passenger kilometre of any mode of land transport.

In the UK overland rail has less than a quarter the CO2e emissions per passenger km of the average car. Levels will vary in other areas depending on fuel type and efficiency. In France where much of the network is fuelled by nuclear electricity, rail travel has a very low CO2e impact.

Take the train for significant savings in carbon over car and flight. 




Out & back by plane...

Out & back by train...


London to Paris 

 244 Kg/CO2

 22 Kg/CO2

91% less

London to Edinburgh

193 Kg/CO2

24 Kg/CO2

87% less

London to Nice

250 Kg/CO2

Eurostar+TGV, 36 Kg/CO2

85% less

London to Amsterdam

136 Kg/CO2

Dutch Flyer train & ferry, 27.2 Kg/CO2


London to Dublin

174.8 Kg/CO2

Train & ferry, 46.8 Kg/CO2

73% less

London to Tangier

435 Kg/CO2

Eurostar, train & ferry, 63 Kg/CO2

85% less

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