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Small is beautiful when buying electrical white goods.

When choosing new electrical appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, fridges and freezers for your house keep them as small as possible.

A large washing machine might be A+ rated but it contains more metal and plastic than a smaller A+ rated machine as well as using more electricity.

A full fridge uses less energy than one with lots of spare capacity, another reason to buy the smallest fridge that fits your needs.

Washing full loads in the dishwasher or washing machine is also more energy efficient, so check that the load sizes meet your requirements.


It is difficult to quantify the carbon savings of some Actions. In this case we allocate a nominal 10kg CO2e per year. This is not reflective of the actual savings which may be significantly more, but to show that you are making a difference. If possible, we will provide representative calculations at a later date. 

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  •  Liz Sutton: 

    I have a small kitchen so this one's a no brainer for me :)  I also only replace these appliances when I absolutely have to because my old machine can no longer be repaired. And, as the picture shows, 'white goods' no longer have to be white!

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