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The sheer weight of all the stuff you buy for a new baby will give you an idea of the environmental impact.

Cut it down.

Choose a relatively light pushchair. Accept anything your friends and family offer to pass on to you. Buy second hand clothes and equipment and just a few beautiful fair trade, organic items.

And hand them on to the next new parents when you're done with them.

It is difficult to quantify the carbon savings of some Actions. In this case we allocate a nominal 10kg CO2e per year. This is not reflective of the actual savings which may be significantly more, but to show that you are making a difference. If possible, we will provide representative calculations at a later date. 


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Total Carbon saved on this action 20 kg CO2e
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  •  Biba Hartigan: 

    Hand me down clothes and equipment can really ease the burden of getting prepared for a new baby. My friends and family certainly saved me a lot of money as well as saving the impact on the environment of a whole load of baby clobber.

    It's been lovely to see the same clothes turning up on baby after baby even many years later.

    Our real nappies have done the rounds too as most of them last for at least two or three babies. I'm hoping to get my cot back sometime so that it can serve the next generation. This was one of the major purchases I made. It turned into a mini-bed which was a great space saver. It did all of my children and since has served two other families.

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