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Save carbon from driving and car manufacture

Do you really need to own a car? If you live in a city consider joining a car club to save money and carbon.

Your land travel CO2e could fall by nearly two thirds if you use taxis or a car club, as you consider and pay for each journey.


Car clubs are run by commercial companies in urban areas where parking is difficult. Local councils provide free parking spaces. You pay to join and get a key, and the nearest car should be only a few minutes away. Many car clubs have low emission fleets, for additional savings on climate impacts. 


Research suggests that for every car club car, 25 private cars are taken off the road, saving on hefty car manufacturing CO2impacts too. 


The US EPA calculates that the average car causes 4.7 tonnes CO2e per year, so joining a car club could save as much as 3 tonnes CO2e per year. 

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