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House sharing

Your share of your home's CO2e burden depends on how many people live there. So share it.

If you have a spare room, take in a lodger or B&B guests.

For parents of students away at university 'a room for a room', letting out their bedroom while they are away, can be a good way of covering the cost of student accommodation. 

Monday to Friday lets are increasingly popular among weekly commuters.

If you no longer need a family home, consider moving or dividing it into flats. If you do move take the opportunity of any refurbishment to make your home more energy efficient. 

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It is difficult to quantify the carbon savings of some Actions. In this case we allocate a nominal 10kg CO2e per year. This is not reflective of the actual savings which may be significantly more, but to show that you are making a difference. If possible, we will provide representative calculations at a later date. 

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  •  Biba Hartigan: 

    We've been sharing our Edwardian home with lodgers for years. Ever since we got over the au-pair stage and had a room to spare we've been taking students from a local language school. It's been interesting and varied with only a few disastrous tenancies over the years.

    For the past couple of years we've hosted students from a local performing arts school which has been a new experience for us. 

    Overall it's a great way to cover some of the costs of living in the city. 

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  •  Penney Poyzer-Schalom: 

    We have shared our home with lodgers for 18 years. We bought our large Victorian semi with the idea of letting out 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and bathroom to lodgers to help pay the mortgage. The rent is inclusive of bills except their phones and food. We have had a few dodgy tenants over the years but the vast majority have been great - with many of them leaving happier than when they came.

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