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Holiday close to home and save 100kg CO2e for every hour's flight saved. 

That's 0.4 tonnes CO2e every hour for a family of four.

It is only a relatively recent trend that has seen us swarm abroad in such numbers for our holidays. There is plenty on offer and it's worth finding out if you could have just as much fun closer to home. 

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Toddlers don't really mind if it's Fishguard, France or Fiji for their bucket and spade special and sun can be a hazard for young skin. Teenagers can have just as much fun surfing in a wet suit as on a sun drenched beach.

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  •  Biba Hartigan: 

    My own kids spent every summer on windswept beaches dashing in and out of the Irish sea, digging holes, making intricate networks of tunnels and castles, sculpting sand dogs and chickens. Blessed with the freedom that a Blackberry gave me, we could spend weeks on end doing this while I stayed in touch with work. Neither they nor I ever tired of it. Sometimes it was so cold that I stood on the shore in my coat, holding bundles of towels to wrap around them as soon as they rushed out of a grey/brown sea. Now, as they look back on their earlier years, it's not the rare holiday in a sun-drenched Italian villa that they remember fondly, but the easy time spent mucking about on the beach.

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