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Choose the smallest, most fuel efficient car that suits your purposes and try not to drive it more than you have to.


Don’t replace your car unless you have to due to the embedded emissions from manufacture.


When buying choose second hand for the same reasons. 


The average large car emits 250kg CO2e for every 1000kms, or 400kg CO2e for every 1000 miles.

The average medium car emits 190kg CO2e for every 1000kms, or 300kg CO2e for every 1000 miles.

The average small car emits 150kg CO2e for every 1000kms, or 250kg CO2e for every 1000 miles. 


Consider not keeping a car, making use of taxis or joining a car club instead. combines information on emissions with the energy and resource use in manufacture for a more comprehensive assessment of climate impact. 

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