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Cook a Climatarian dinner for your friends and see how easy it is to be climate friendly. Join in Climatarian Week 3-9 July 2017.
Choose a local organic draught ale and drink a toast to the health of the climate.
We are keen on our carry-out coffees, our take-away salads and soups but we don’t stop to think of all the additional waste that’s being created.
The easiest way for people to help limit climate change is with everyday food choices. Climatarians eat with the climate in mind choosing lower carbon options.
Your share of your home's CO2e burden depends on how many people live there. So share it.
Sustainable building materials reduce the environmental impact of house building and refurbishment.
Quality of workmanship can make a big difference in how long something lasts.
Small is beautiful when buying electrical white goods.
Avoid air freighted and greenhouse grown food. Both have an unnecessarily high energy use and climate impact.
25% of all lorries on UK roads are carrying food. Buy local or regional.