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 Welcome to climates

We are running the first ever Climatarian Week 3-9 July 2017

Highlighting the impact that our everyday food choices have on the climate.

Please join us on our new Climatarian Week website to find out all about the climate friendly, healthy diet and how you can join in.

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People and food companies are signing up to support a diet that’s good for the planet, with two weeks to go to the first ever Climatarian Week.
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Yes - 33.3%
Maybe - 66.7%
No - 0%
Yes, I always take my own carrier bags - 80%
Mostly, but I do still buy them now and again - 20%
No, it hasn't made a differenc - 0%
Yes - 63.6%
NO - 36.4%
Delve into a meaty issue ‘cause this week we need to talk about bacon… Talking about meat, especially on the internet, normally means walking into a firing s...
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"‘Climates is a great intiative. For any person like myself, aware of the need to reduce our impact on the world we live in, it addresses not only the "how to do it" with a myriad of ideas for adapting our current lifestyles and life processes, but also it connects us with like-minded people through the creation of a community. Where I live there are not many people with environmental awareness and Climates helps me feel I am not on my own in this fight, and it inspires me to do more.’"

Matias Linder, Portugal

Carbon Savings
Climates has saved 91905 kg CO2e
Tomorrow, it'll be more.
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