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Environmental friendly search engine

In order to contribute a little to tackle climate change, the use of the search engine ECOSIA can help. Every search generates income for Ecosia, which is then used to plant trees. I am not part of the organisation, but I would definitely recommend making Ecosia your default search engine!

Check it out:

Anything that dilutes the power of google has got to be good and this one looks like it's founded on decent principles So thank you for sharing that with us Caroline. I'll give it a go. 

I love Ecosia as a search engine. The majority of the time it gives the same results as google to yahoo, or any other of the major search engines. Plus there is a nice feature in the top right hand corner showing how many trees you have helped to plant, which is encouraging!

Apparently Ecosia uses Bing's search engine. It generates revenue from adverts so if you click on ads a percentage should go to charity.  (No revenue / charity contribution can be made if you use an ad-blocker or don't click on ads.)

I've been using Ecosia for about five months now and the site tells me I've helped plant 125 trees so far. All for sitting at my desk, staring at a screen :) It's search function seems to work well, which is, I guess, the most important thing - if it doesn't work people won't use it, right? What I'm not sure about is whether its algorithms are set to find climate friendly links and show them higher up the results listing than less climate-friendly links.  Has anyone tested this yet?