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Biba Hartigan wrote Bill Everett
Hi Bill, Welcome to Climates. Good to have you aboard!
Thank you very much for agreeing to test the new site.
and thank you for your most helpful comments on the latest blog.
Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself and how Climates could help you to tackle climate change in your own everyday life.
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I wear pretty much what I wore last year and the year before ...

For example, for a bit of extra warmth when it is chilly in the apartment or outside, I have a very nice insulated vest that my first wife sewed for me from a Frostline kit in the fall of 1977. I also have a black wool stocking cap that I bought new about 15 years ago. I put it on when a need a little extra warmth. The brain is a major energy consumer and a lot of body heat is lost through the head and neck. Hydration is important in the winter. Cold air is dry air. People lose a lot of water through their lungs in dry air. People tend to think that they are not thirsty if they are not hot. Remember to drink water, particularly if you are outside in the cold. A 10% reduction in the body hydration can cut your metabolic efficiency (ability to generate heat inside the body) by up to 90%, or so I long ago read somewhere. As a Scoutmaster in Alaska in the winter, I more than once treated a young Boy Scout with borderline hypothermia just by having him drink some water.

-- Bill

Current fashion trends are not influencing office wear around here. In vogue amongst the Climates team this winter are puffa jackets and salopettes. Not because we’re heading to the ski slopes any time soon. No, it’s to cope with the daytime climate in our
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